We are Georgia Corrick and Jo Price. Georgia has fourteen years’ experience of children’s social care data at Southampton City Council. She has a Certificate in Performance Management. Jo has fifteen years’ experience in education and children’s social care data at Southampton City Council, and prior to this, worked for five years in adult education data in the FE sector.

We set up Etazo Performance Data to work with local authorities and other agencies on children’s data. Etazo is an Ancient Greek word meaning to test or inspect closely. We believe that statistics are essential to understanding children’s journeys through services and the impact of services on outcomes for children and families. Working with us helps you to investigate your own performance, identifying strengths and challenges.

We’re experienced Children’s Services data analysts who can support your organisation in making best use of information. We can help you with

  • Analysing end of year returns and local data, looking at trends over time and identifying areas of concern;
  • Creating, developing or reviewing performance frameworks;
  • Preparing for inspection;
  • Submitting DfE and Ofsted year-end data returns;
  • Providing bespoke analysis and linking to relevant research.

We take pride in working with you to ensure that our reports are accurate, based on a sound understanding of social work practice and policy and written and formatted so as to be useful to staff in understanding performance, trends and issues for your service.

Projects undertaken by Etazo

  • Analysis of fostering and children looked after data for a London borough.
  • Completing and submitting the CiN Census and CLA / SSDA903 return for another London borough.
  • Literature reviews of research and good practice guidance on specific issues as part of two Serious Case Reviews for two local authorities.
  • Quarterly analysis of fostering statistics for a south east authority.
  • Developing a performance framework for a children’s charity.
  • Support to the Members’ Safeguarding Committee for a south west authority.
  • Reviewing the performance framework for an LSCB and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Quarterly analysis of multi-agency data for two LSCBs, including making recommendations.
  • Support for Annual Reports for two LSCBs, including analysis of demographic data, service activity and outcomes.
  • Deep-dive analyses of priority areas for two LSCBs, including literature reviews and analysis of local data and making recommendations to the Boards.
  • Newsletter, The Datamonger, published monthly since September 2015, covering analysis of published data, recent research and themes in inspection reports. The archive and subscription is here.
  • Administering the Google group for discussion of children’s social care data, with just under five hundred members including representatives from Ofsted and the Department for Education.